Lucy Hannah Barritt

My passion lies with the indeterminable world of consciousness.  I feel there’s a great void within western society where religion used to lie and agnosticism now dwells.   I aim to gather together various ways in which we have tried to understand our existence throughout history and within contemporary society.  I draw inspiration from Jungian psychology, mysticism, religious art and theology, psychedelic philosophy, mathematics in nature, quantum physics and the technological age.  I am reassured in my faith that there is more to life than the material world and my hope is to shine a light upon this from as many angles as possible, inviting others to not lose courage in our circumstance on this planet.

In the ongoing series ‘Studies on Black’ I really began to explore this in my own personal way. To ground my work in the element of the human condition, I always begin with the chalk portrait, a carbon form surrounded by a halo of geometric patterns and neuronal networks.  This is the persona, held in the physical world.  Surrounding this is a web of intricate objects and details, imitating the psyche and how it draws order from chaos.  The base is a bleached layer, an extraction of darkness from the black card canvas.  This enlightenment of the page has many connections to the enlightenment periods of history and the spark of consciousness that runs through us all.  I am still experimenting with this technique and how far I can push these elements and I’m very excited about where it can go.

Recently I have returned to using watercolours and pen, but have kept the theme of archetypes and consciousness. These Illustrations are part of an ongoing practice, looking at perspective and a series of pieces involving the stories we have told throughout time and how they are still present, but in new formats.

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Lucy Hannah Barritt, born in 1988, has been travelling through South East Asia and Australia for almost two years. Originally from Loughborough, a small market town in the middle of England, she graduated from Birmingham City University in 2012 with a BA in Fine Art.  She spent 6 months in Thailand and Vietnam, re discovering her lifelong passion for art and has dedicated her life to becoming an visual explorer.  After having a studio space in Melbourne for most of 2017 she has returned to the UK to the South West where she works from her studio in Cheriton Bishop – Devon.

She is always eager to talk to other artists and collaborate on projects.  If you have a specific piece of work you would like to discuss or for commissions please feel free to contact her – here.