Scoping out the realms of digital creation with fun and colourful characters and compositions

Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator combined with a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet, Lucy is having great fun experimenting with the digital medium to explore new territories in aesthetics. Her background in paint is clearly present in her digital work.

Polkatrash Raven

You can see here the various stages and elements that went into the final piece. Design work is really about continuous decision making and so throughout the process you eliminate those elements that don’t add to the final effect. Lucy spent a week in Chiang Mai, Thailand developing this exciting and energetic illustration. The client was quite active in the design process and expressed a desire for the ‘Polkatrash’ aesthetic. Working with clients is one of Lucy’s favourite parts of design work. It inspires her to try new methods and find new ways of solving problems.


Lucy spent an incredible ten days travelling around the Gili Isles in Indonesia and during my time she worked on this tattoo design. Given the basic elements to be included, Lucy went ahead with the piece to create this playful piece. She then went back to the piece after completion to experiment with layers and colour which resulted in an entirely different take on the original concept.

Fallen Leaves

Beginning as a design commission for an Eco consultancy, these are the results of experimenting with various ways of expressing the beauty of a fallen leaf. The client went a different direction eventually but these are a colourful and bright example of how Lucy brings her painterly background into her current work.

Chocolate Jellyfish

The brief for this comission was, well, brief. ‘We would like a chocolate jellyfish for our social media hashtag’. The result is a delicious and