Wednesday 31st January 2018

Location: Loughborough UK


After a very exciting lunch meeting on Monday with a very good friend I have been re invigorated with passion towards launching my website as a base for sales.  So I’m spending all day, and not a shy amount of money, setting this up.

Weather is still cold, it’s a nice time to spend indoors listening to music and fiddling, almost endlessly with page layouts and customisations.  This has been my achilles heel for a while, one of those mountains that isn’t so hard to climb once you take the first step.

So to sum it up, by the end of today, I will have a working shop set up on the website!

Much love,

L x

(addendum: Wasn’t able to complete this task today due to bureaucratic and administration technicalities, shop will be available from April 2018)



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