Sea of Consciousness

Mixed Media Painting - 841 x 1189 mm - 2018

I began thinking of ways I could use this technique to create a narrative and my experiences in South East Asia in the Islands had inspired me to look more at ocean creatures. This, combined with an idea I heard about human’s ‘swimming in a sea of consciousness’ lead me to create this piece. It took me a year to complete as I wanted to give it the time it needed to breathe and for me to realise its potential.
We are often drawn to animals as representations of our characters or our thought processes and so I wanted to represent the animals as both the embodiment of thoughts and the spirits of the living sea. A school of fish, for example, is a moving body of energy, perhaps a nagging idea you have late at night.
The gold webbing is reflective of the indeterminable web that connects all life across the universe and how it ebbs and sways with biological and quantum information.