Studies in Black

I have always been interested in the nature of consciousness and whether I could visually represent this elusive subject matter in my own way.

These paintings are created using a process of blocking out shapes using liquid masking fluid, bleaching the black card to reveal the gold shade and painting in acrylic in fine detail.

These are still in the experimental stage and I will be continuing to play with colour, composition and style.  The ‘Halo’ element around the portrait is used because of its consistent use in  historical religious art as a symbol of an enlightened being.

Consciousness and light are intertwined as metaphors and by lightening the page using bleach I wanted to elude to this matrix of mind within which reside symbols and archetypes.

Adam 2017 – 70cm x 50cm – Mixed Media

I retrospectively titled this piece ‘Adam’ because it was the genesis of this style of painting.  Alongside this, he subconsciously became infused with what seemed to me to be more masculine elements.  The tower is a multifaceted historical symbol; human engineering, agriculture, academia and conflict all orbit this archetype of human architecture.

Stylistically the idea came about from wanting to create a visual representation of the mind.  The chalk face represents the carbon body fused into this reality.  The blocking medium (black lined areas) represents the structure of the brain, and the white images are representative of thoughts, memories and visions.  The original painting is in Australia.