Travel Illustration

In 2016 I boarded a plane to Bangkok. I have always had a wanderlust and my early years had been somewhat stifled in this regard. We never really had a disposable income but when I was a baby, my parents decided to up sticks and move to France. This early exposure to adventure must have imprinted on me and I have always felt the most at home…away from home. I would spend hours in the back of the Maroon Ford Montego chatting away to myself as a toddler, sketching, listening to Joni Mitchell, Steeleye Span and Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells (which was brand new in 1990).

From there my love of travelling long distances and venturing to new horizons in strange situations began. Check out my Words page describing my latest adventures in South East Asia.

The Illustrations below depict my time in Thailand and Vietnam in 2016 as I explored the wonder of these countries. This were drawn in an A5 sketchbook with drawing pens – coloured using my travel watercolour set.

I began capturing the actual scenes as they were, studying the new shapes and visually rich environment of South East Asia. I then started to inject something of my own psychedelic vision into the pieces by adding a dreamlike quality in both the structure and the colour work.

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