Diary Extracts from a Tropical Nomad IV

The drop in temperature as I climbed towards the national park in which the volcano lived was astonishing. I shivered as icy winds licked my fingers. You are never prepared for the cold when you are in South East Asia, you almost forget what it feels like and because your body is so used to being at a balmy 30 C, even the slightest drop renders you a shivering mess.


Diary Extracts from a Tropical Nomad III

I went to bed that night hoping to meet someone to share some experiences with. There’s a great power in manifesting but there’s also another great power underlying your experiences. Sometimes what you need comes to you in a way that seems like it’s the complete opposite of what you wanted.

Diary Extracts from a Tropical Nomad

I had a dream last night that an enormous tidal wave was coming, it was a mile high. You could see it coming from miles away. I was with Nikki (sister) and Joe (her husband). We hid in the house which seemed to be Mountfields Drive (where I grew up) as it approached. I was absolutely certain I would die and just felt acceptance about it.